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Joella Vera Bril

How did you experience the course:
The course is very intense but fun, not only they discuss the practical knowledge about
fashion, but also the day to day practical styling skils are central in the course.
Beside this, I got alott of 
insights about trends and how they develop, because fashion history is
a important subject in the course. In 1 word..I learned so much in a short time, I defenitely 
got a realistic perspective now on how the fashion industry works.

Why would you recommend Another Academy?
Patricia Giesbers offers a personal approach, but is also very critical,
and she always push you to a higher level, even higher then I ever expected. My 
impression is that you can't learn styling anywhere else then at Another Academy!
pss..it is also very pleasant that I can still use Patricia as a mentor after the course.
Joella has been accepted at Central Saint Martins London, Creative Direction Department with 
the portfolio that she developed during the course.